What happens if you don’t pay your local property taxes in Texas?

*The longer you allow your delinquent property taxes to go unpaid, the more expensive and risky it becomes for you.

*You have penalty and interest charges added to your taxes.

*Regular penalty charges may be as high as 12 percent, depending on how long the tax remains unpaid. Interest is charged at the rate of 1 percent per month. There is no maximum amount of interest. Private attorneys hired by taxing units to collect delinquent accounts can charge up to an additional 15-percent penalty to cover their fees.

*You get delinquent tax notices.

*The tax collector sends you at least one notice that your taxes are delinquent. Tax collectors often send additional notices and warnings.

*You may have the option to set up an installment plan. Some tax collectors allow you to pay delinquent taxes in installments for up to 36 months. A tax collector isn’t required to offer this option.  Before signing an installment agreement, you should know that the law considers your signature an irrevocable admission that you owe all the taxes covered by the agreement.

*You may have a delinquent tax lawsuit. The tax collector’s last resort is taking a delinquent taxpayer to court. Court costs will be added to the delinquent tax bill.

*Each person who owns taxable property on January 1 is liable for all taxes due on the property for that year. A person who owned taxable property on January 1 can be sued personally for delinquent taxes, even if the property has been sold or transferred since then. 

*You may have problems selling your property.  Each taxing unit holds a tax lien on each item of taxable property. This tax lien gives the courts the power to foreclose on the lien and seize the property, even if its ownership has changed. The property will then be auctioned, and the proceeds used to pay the taxes.

*As a result of the tax lien, someone who purchases real estate can’t get a clear title until all the delinquent taxes owed on the property are paid in full. If you are buying a portion of a larger parcel of land, check the taxes on the larger parcel. You won’t be able to clear a tax lien against your part unless taxes on the whole are paid. 

Get a loan with Property Tax Solutions and avoid penalties, interest and legal fees. Property Tax Solutions wants to help you save money and your home.

8080 N. Central Expressway, Suite 880
Dallas, TX 75206

Dallas Office: 214-306-5500 – Main number
Austin Office: 512-553-4277 – Main number
Houston: 281-617-2291 – Main number
Toll-Free: 1-877-999-9100


About Property Tax Solutions

Property Tax Solutions provide a variety of loan options with very competitive rates. Our service is tailored to each borrowers needs and in most cases can be funded in less than one week. Our main office is based in Dallas and specifically handles property tax loans in the state of Texas. We service individuals, partnerships, corporations, sole proprietor and limited liability companies. The Property Tax Solutions team is comprised of Texas bankers, loan officers and real estate professional with a combined experience that totals over 60 years in all forms of real estate loans.
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